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THE TIMES - Earn 127% return from your fine wine cellar

by Wine Owners

Posted on 2021-05-18

An article in the FT on the value of fine wine investment and how to get it right. 

Investing in wine is difficult to get right, however, and since it is not protected by any financial services industry safety net, mistakes can leave you out of pocket. Here is what you need to know.

Which wine is best?

Invest in those that will give you slow and steady growth — that still means the established European names, many of which, particularly in France, have strictly controlled production limits. They can be made to improve with age before reaching their so-called drinking windows.
Miles Davis from Wine Owners, a fine wine asset management company, says the value of bordeaux rose 5.8 per cent in 2020, the best Tuscan wine was up 18 per cent, champagne 14 per cent and burgundy 11.5 per cent.

 Read the full article here

HARPERS - Italy's big hitters up their game

by Wine Owners

Posted on 2021-04-22

An interesting article in Harpers Drinks & Spirits on the rise of Italian collectable high end wines.

Harpers Wine & Spirits Italy -  Wine Owners

“It’s interesting to see with the Brunello 2016 offers  that have just come out how pricing has changed, with most wines having doubled in release price  since the last ‘best vintage ever’ back in 2010.  This would give even the most wary collector  confidence,” he adds. 
“I have been banging the drum for Italy for a  couple of years now and I am standing by that,”  says Miles Davis, a former wine investment fund  manager, now a director of Wine Owners. “Our  Italian trade is massively up on previous years.  The whole scene has changed so much in the last  decade, relative to the 30 years before that, and I  think Italy is the best placed to benefit.” 

THE FINANCIAL TIMES - Storing wine at home

by Wine Owners

Posted on 2021-04-21

Article in the FT regarding storing fine wines at home.

Deciding how much wine storage to have — or indeed whether to have any at all — requires some self-interrogation. Consider these questions. What proportion of the wines you serve were brought to you by some forgotten dinner guest? Does the term “drinking dates” refer to anything other than appointments with your friends? 

JANCIS ROBINSON - The 'miracle' en primeur campaign

by Wine Owners

Posted on 2020-07-15

How the pandemic first threatened then saved Bordeaux's 2019s.

Mathieu Chadronnier runs CVBG, one of the most important Bordeaux wine merchants. He measures his words carefully, often with long pauses before his answers. He is not given to hyperbole. But when I asked him at the end of last month how he felt this year’s en primeur campaign had gone he said immediately, ‘It’s a miracle! Honestly, we are so fortunate in this worldwide recession to be in the fine-wine business and to have had such a successful campaign. We should all appreciate this because we are the lucky ones.’

Read the full article

JANCIS ROBINSON - 2019 primeur campaign considered

by Wine Owners

Posted on 2020-06-25

"Nick Martin of Wine Owners, who has been providing such valuable analyses of each new Bordeaux 2019 release on our Members' forum, has this to say about the campaign overall. We wish him some R&R now, communing with his beloved bike, seen here in the Yorkshire Dales. See this guide to our extensive coverage of the vintage."

Who knew? Back in March and April the idea of it felt so wrong. Why should or would anyone care about a Bordeaux en primeur campaign in the middle of the worst pandemic of our lifetimes? It felt irrelevant at best, thoroughly insensitive and out of touch at worst.

And yet, with the benefit of hindsight and some early, pace-setting price reductions, it’s proved to be the most successful campaign since the 2016s were offered in 2017.

Read the full article

JANCIS ROBINSON - Bordeaux 2019 – a guide

by Wine Owners

Posted on 2020-06-18

Follow the 2019 Bordeaux en primeur campaign on Jancis Robinson's website for tasting articles, price analysis and more general coverage.

Read the full article

THE BUYER - Wine Owners' Nick Martin: Bordeaux 2019 and the spring of hope

by Wine Owners

Posted on 2020-06-08

"Releasing a futures campaign when the world economy is in deep purdah seems like a strange move, writes Nick Martin, founder of Wine Owners. The boss of the wine inventory management company believes that the Bordeaux 2019 en primeur campaign should have been put off until October, especially when there are other recent vintages that are still justifiably attracting interest and investment. For those chateaux that need to sell a large part of their harvest now, success, or otherwise, is going to come down to just one of the four marketing Ps… Price."

DECANTER - Barolo and Piedmont are hot property in 2020

by Wine Owners

Posted on 2020-06-08

THE BUYER - How Wine Owners can support fine wine merchants

by Wine Owners

Posted on 2020-06-08

"You might not know Wine Owners, but you will be familiar with all the prestigious wine names, merchants and fine wine brokers that it works with, beavering away behind the scenes providing the type of software and the management systems that have quietly, but crucially had a near revolutionary impact on how fine wine can now be traded instantaneously between companies and customers anywhere in the world. Nick Martin, co-founder of Wine Owners, explains what it is actually doing behind those scenes and what potential businesses benefits, synergies and efficiencies it can bring any wine business."

DECANTER - Fine wine prices fall as Bordeaux and Burgundy weaken

by Wine Owners

Posted on 2019-12-12

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