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Catalogue and keep track of your precious wine collection, with wine cellar software that helps inform your every decision. Organise your wine inventory and tap into a wealth of wine knowledge; all the information you want is at your fingertips. It’s time to ditch your old wine inventory spreadsheet, and experience total wine management and cellar tracking with a state of the art platform that’s as easy to use on smartphones, tablets, computers and TVs.

"The Wine Owners platform and service has transformed the way I manage my collection from home cellared drinking cases to first growth investments. I not only enjoy the explorative capacity the platform offers but also the fun of analysing my portfolio and making decisions with Miles on what area of the market looks interesting. It is the first time I haven't felt like I am being sold the latest release but actually seeking real value and quality."

Edward N.

My Wines - Add Cellar


Create new cellars so you can manage all your wines in one place wherever they are.

A free account allows one home cellar and one professional cellar. To add multiple cellars, and unlimited wine entries, choose a premium plan.

Add Wine


Group wines in containers within cellars, ensuring that every bottle can be easily located thereafter. Describe and record small differences between bottles such as fill levels or label condition, and add photos.

Mixed cases (1m 06s)

Moving wines


You can move wines between different cellars as required. You can also move wines from within a cellar into specific mixed cases, racks or bins that have been added within that cellar.

Mixed racks and bins (0m 41s)

Eligibility for trading wines


Wines are eligible to be sold when they are in a store location where they can be inspected by a third party, either upon the request of the wine owners or a potential buyer.

Intro to wine trading (2m 13s)

When you add a cellar professional wine warehouses can be selected from a list. If your preferred storage is not yet in the list please contact us for it to be added to the approved list.

Home Cellars


If you have wine at home that you wish to sell, we can organise for the wines to be photographed, we pack loose bottles into quality cardboard containers of different sizes and organise pick up and delivery into a professional warehouse such as Octavian.

Even when selling wine stored at home you benefit from our extremely low selling commissions. We additionally simply charge you the cost of the cardboard packs and delivery to a professional warehouse.

Contact us for further details.

"Most cellar management software out there just isn’t up to it, isn’t comprehensive enough or is just plain clunky and hard to use.

Finding Wine Owners has been a revelation. It was clearly developed with the busy private fine wine buyer and collector in mind. It has completely nailed it in terms of ease of use, functionality, interesting features (such as ratings, market history and market trends), and the ability to take a proper overview of your collection, its value and drinkability, however many locations it may be in. It is so easy to review and manage your cellar it becomes a pleasure not a chore.

On top of that there is also an excellent, secure and reasonably priced trading platform, so you can buy and sell based on current market trading information and get paid in days rather than the weeks or months most brokers take."

Alex H.T.

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