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An exchange is a 2-sided market and is, by nature, the most liquid form of buying and selling.

A fine wine market place gives participants the choice of buying wines listed or indicating the price and conditions on which they would be willing to buy. It allows sellers to connect with already interested buyers or solicit new buyers by listing their wines at a price they would sell.

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Advantages of the Fine Wine Exchange


Participants can search for, and research, any wine across our database of 75,000 fine wines before posting buy or sell ?wine adverts? as they choose - irrespective of whether a wine is active in the market at that time.

Price discovery

Wine Owners provides current and historical pricing, price graphs and comparison tools to support a process of price discovery, which is an essential part of any transparent market.


By posting your wine into the fine wine exchange, other participants who are interested in that wine will be notified of your interest and can respond accordingly.

Participants are notified either because of wines in their watchlist, or because they have a wine that is wanted, or because they have posted corresponding bid or offer entries.

This proactive notification mechanism helps put willing buyers and sellers together and makes a transaction more likely to occur.

Buyer's principle: The last word

Due to the nature of fine wine the buyer always has the last word. No transaction is confirmed until the buyer commits to buy and has the option to request an inspection pre settlement.

This safeguard is just one of several assured processes that enable participants to buy and sell with confidence.


We encourage wine inspections to take place, either prior to listing (in the case of the seller) or post trade, pre settlement (in the case of the buyer).

This process minimises failure of trades whilst enhancing the information recorded on each wine that forms part of its ongoing Wine Passport?, so helping to ensure it performs to its full potential as a store of value.


Markets offer greater certainty over an auction process: unlike an auction process, where the only control over price you have is through setting a reserve, the fine wine exchange affords you complete control over the price you are prepared to sell at, whilst giving you the possibility of matching your wine to Open Bids.