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The finest wine demands the best storage, and an accompanying record of source, movements, and change of title that is as complete as possible – good provenance.

If you wish to move wine into storage, or have us operate a storage account for you, we offer competitive terms.

Your choice of wine storage locations

Your choice of wine storage locations

Octavian, an historic location underground within an old stone mine in the West of England widely considered among the best in the world for future provenance.

LCB Eton Park, a restored and repurposed grain store in Burton-on-Trent in the middle of England, which used to be the centre of the brewing industry in the UK.

Your wine records will be available online, encompassing the wine description, bottle size, pack size, # bottles, your name, and rotation number. Every pack of wine has a rotation number that identifies it uniquely.

Costs include all risks insurance taken out by the warehouse keeper at replacement value whilst in the warehouse. There are insurance limits for wine in transit of £200,000 per van. Please contact us for handling of higher value shipments.

Download an application form or for more information review our storage fees available online that are subject to periodic review.

See wine storage terms and conditions.

Good provenance for better prices

Wine Passport

The Wine Passport provides transparency to prospective buyers, and helps them understand where your wine has been stored, the condition of the bottles, fill levels, packaging type and condition.

A fully completed Wine Passport makes your duty paid wines previously stored at home more attractive to potential buyers.

Sellers of high value wines should request a pre sale inspection report.

Buyers may also request a post trade, pre-settlement inspection report before they confirm a purchase.

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