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Realising full value of wine

How it works

What’s the best way to maximise the value of wine assets for beneficiaries and realise proceeds quickly?

Using the Wine Owners trading exchange can net an Estate’s beneficiaries on average 22.5% more than using an auction house.

For a wine collection worth £20,000, that means beneficiaries receive £4,500 more than at auction.

See Wine auctions – the facts

Ready market

Ready market

There are £3,500,000 of bids waiting for wines to match to, and active collectors and buyers that speak for £130,000,000 of fine wine and an insatiable appetite for more.

Low Commissions

Low Commissions

We help you to retain a very high proportion of sales proceeds thanks to very low sales commissions of no more than 6.5% + VAT. Our buyer’s premium is just 2.5%.

New cardboard packaging, collection, transportation to a warehouse and landing fees are recharged at cost.

Compare that with auction house fees:

  • Auction houses take about 10% in commissions from sellers.
  • Buyer’s premium accounts for 21%-23%.

Professionally stored wines

Professionally stored wines

If wines are stored in a wine warehouse or with a wine merchant, request a spreadsheet of the deceased’s wines. Without exception, they can all provide them.

Send the spreadsheet to us for an immediate valuation.

Once accepted the wines will be listed for sale and you get paid immediately on settlement of trades.

Large, good quality collections will typically sell in 2-8 weeks – far quicker than the time it takes to list wines at auction and wait for payment.

Transparency and reporting

Trading desk - Market position

You can see through your sign in exactly what’s selling, what your proceeds and costs are, and see progress daily.

Trading desk - Market position (1m 08s)

Home stored wines

Home stored wines

We send in an expert to appraise the wines, take photos, pack the wines in brand new cardboard packs, label them, and organise collection.

Within a week your wines will be in a secure warehouse account, and ready to offer for sale.

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