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Wine Owners solves the problem of organising and keeping track of a wine collection even when stored across different locations, by providing a 360° view. Once organised as a portfolio, there's a wealth of must-have information to help evaluate and appreciate your wines, together with pricing, trend and comparison data.

Everything to organise, value and appreciate your wine collection

Create Cellars

It’s time to move to a wine organisation method that gives you more. Better information, easier organisation, tracking tools and more insights. Experience total wine management with a state of the art platform that’s as easy to use on smartphones, tablets, desktops or laptops.

Track everything, no matter where it's stored

Track Wine

Wine Owners allows you to catalogue your wines wherever they’re stored, for a complete view of your collection, all in one place.

A free account allows one home cellar and one professional cellar. To add multiple cellars, and unlimited wine entries, choose a premium plan.

Identify what's ready to drink and what can improve with keeping

Keep or drink wine

As soon as your wines are uploaded, enjoy a wealth of information you’ll be able to see, sort and act on; including drinking dates, critics scores, producer profiles and up to date pricing. We’ve integrated full wine reviews from your favourite critics or bloggers, that you’ll be able to access subject to certain conditions.

There’s a comprehensive range of reports to stay on top of your wine collection and helps you decide what to do as it changes over time.

Record your wine experiences with personal tasting notes

Tasting Notes

Record your own experiences and preferences. Create tasting notes for yourself, that you can choose to share with like-minded wine enthusiasts. Record your personal tasting experiences that track the evolution of your cellared wines and the pleasure they give you, and share as a tasting note pdf that you can download and print.

Assure future value for your collection

Wine Passport ™

The Wine Passport ™ is a virtual set of documents to allow you to trace the history and condition of your wine. Together they make up provenance of your wines, something that increasingly justifies the best prices or facilitates the quickest sale.

Wine Passport (1m 14s)

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