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The Wine Owners fine wine exchange is the only place in the world where wine lovers and collectors can buy directly from one another.

Wine Owners connects buyers with sellers, and makes buying and selling fine wine easy to do yourself. We ensure it's safe to transact and fuss-free, since we handle wine logistics and settlement.

Buy wine

Buy wine in market

Buy wine in market

Buy wine that is offered for sale in the fine wine exchange.

Buy wine from the world's finest wine producing regions including the best Bordeaux and Burgundy wines professionally stored by their owners. Find rare, sought after, collectible, or mature wines at the very best market prices.

Introduction to wine trading(2m 13s)

Buy wine not in market

Buy wine not in market

Create a New Bid (to find wine you're looking to buy at a price you are willing to pay) to encourage wine collectors to match wines from their collection to your bid with an offer of sale.

Accepting or rejecting a matched offer (1m 37s)

Sell wine

Offer your wine for sale

Offer your wine for sale

Offer for sale wine that you own into the market.

If you're anything like us, you've bought wine you'll never drink, or perhaps your tastes have changed. Whatever the reason, we make it easy to sell your wine.

Offering a wine for sale (0m 55s)

Match your wine to an open bid

Match your wine to an open bid

Match to an open bid with an offer to sell your wine.

With around £10 million of bids in the market at any one time, chances are there's someone looking to buy wine you own.

Matching an offer for sale to a bid (1m 07s)

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We can help you get over the phone on +44 (0)20 7278 4377 or via email at