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The Wine Passport™ helps to create traceability, serves as a uniquely useful electronic filing system that you can use to attach all documents relating to each wine purchase, and helps assure future value.

The Wine Passport™ establishes a new transparent standard of provenance for fine wine.



The finest wine demands the best storage, and an accompanying record of provenance. Recording your source, storage periods, movements and changes of title all help create good provenance.

Provenance increasingly justifies the best prices for the best, most collectible wines in the world, and facilitates the quickest trades.


When you catalogue your wine collection into the platform you can add the following information into the Wine Passport:

purchase and sales dates

invoices and certificates of title (for en primeur)

request a new inspection report for any wine in your portfolio, comprising photos of the case/ pack and bottles (there are small warehouse charges for doing this)

attach an inspection report

record bottle and case/ pack condition

The Wine Passport™ (1m 14s)

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