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How does Wine Owners calculate its prices?


We obtain pricing on our referential database of over 340,000 wines from the following two sources:

  • Wine-Searcher, the world's pre-eminent price discovery site
  • Fine wine exchange offers and trades

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Our proprietary algorithms process millions of rows of incoming pricing data to calculate a Market Level - the price at which a wine is likely to find a ready buyer - based on market supply and spread models.

This gives you an up-to-date, consistent basis for valuations of all your wines at your fingertips. If you wish you sell wine, we recommend calling us to check current best selling price as many markets are relatively low in liquidity.

How reliable are Wine Owners prices?

Reviewing wines in your collection

Our algorithms and the processing of millions of real market price points are designed to give you the most consistent approach to pricing a market in a wine and determining the right price at which your wines will sell. Prices are updated weekly or bi-monthly.

Reviewing wines in your collection (1m 06s)

Our values are based on best market prices, and therefore you should factor in the deduction of selling commissions from this price.

Our intention is to offer a guide price reflecting the Market Level (the price at which a wine is likely to find a ready market) but it's worth checking with us before you list for sale.

If you have a question about a price, please contact us. Where wines are going through periods of sharp price movements (see price graphs), we recommend you cross-check pricing or ask us to do so for you before offering such a wine for sale. Many wine markets are relatively low in liquidity and so it's not always possible to automatically calculate an accurate selling price, which is where human intervention is needed.

In the interests of transparency, we offer a feedback form against every wine in our referential database.

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