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The Wine Owners average score is the Mean of all scores analysed for a wine that are published by wine writers and critics.

For details of the main wine writers' scores that feed into the Wine Owners average mean score, see the page on wine critics.

Wine ratings: Rebasing

Where wine critic's scores are based on a system other than a number points/ 100, they are rebased.

When we rebase a critic's scores, for example those that score based on a number of points/ 20, we weight the rebasing of their scores based on an intuitive analysis of their scoring.

By way of an example, one wine writer's 18/20 may correlate to a score of 96/100 whereas another's same score may correlate to a score of 95/100.

Wine ratings: Purpose

This way of "averaging" scores will tend to flatten the ratings of wines when compared to a specific critic. It is not meant to replace any specific critic's scores, nor is it intended to set a standard. It is merely an indication of the likely qualitative level of a wine based on the mean of several key critic's scores.

Note that not all critics use scores out of a numeric representation of perfection. In this case their qualitative views expressed through tasting notes cannot be included in what is a qualitative average score.