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Posted on 2021-04-22

An interesting article in Harpers Drinks & Spirits on the rise of Italian collectable high end wines.

Harpers Wine & Spirits Italy -  Wine Owners

“It’s interesting to see with the Brunello 2016 offers  that have just come out how pricing has changed, with most wines having doubled in release price  since the last ‘best vintage ever’ back in 2010.  This would give even the most wary collector  confidence,” he adds. 
“I have been banging the drum for Italy for a  couple of years now and I am standing by that,”  says Miles Davis, a former wine investment fund  manager, now a director of Wine Owners. “Our  Italian trade is massively up on previous years.  The whole scene has changed so much in the last  decade, relative to the 30 years before that, and I  think Italy is the best placed to benefit.” 

Posted in: In the press, on 2021-04-22.
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