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My tasting notes


You can record your own tasting notes on any of your wines, and review them against the record of each wine.

My Tasting Notes page allows you to also see all your tasting notes in one place.

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Wine Critics


You can see information on wines within your cellars, by selected wine writers and critics. We encourage members to take out subscriptions to their favourites.

For further information, see the wine critics page.

Wine Critics


These are the mean of all scores analysed for a wine that are published by wine writers and critics.

For further information, see the Wine ratings: average score page.


A flight of wine is group of wines served together, often with a food pairing.

Wine taste is experienced through the primary and secondary flavours (fruit, vegetal etc.), and the fundamental elements or building blocks of a wine’s make-up such as tannins, acidity, sweetness and sour characteristics. Everyone tastes slightly different, depending on each of our olfactory senses and tolerance of the wine’s basic elements.

A blind tasting is one where the wines tasted are not disclosed and the origin of the bottles are masked.

The notes in a wine refer to the different flavours that the taster can identify eg briar fruits, plum, black cherry, rose, tar, licorice, cedar, eucalyptus. Each of these flavours that the drinker identifies are a ‘note'.

Wine wheels are visual representations of common flavours or aromas, and help wine lovers or wine students to identify and categorise fragrances and tastes.

A professional wine taster is often called a wine critic. Wine criticism is the deconstruction of a wine’s aromas, flavours, colour, it elements and complexity (how flavours develop across the palate), its structure, body and ability to age, relative to its peer group. The best wine critics are able to communicate the wine tasting experience to wine lovers and buyers in a relatively objective way that they can relate to.

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