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Account creation

Creating your Wine Owners account is easy - complete our registration form, providing your name and a valid email address, wait for the verification email, then start adding your wines.

It is completely free to join Wine Owners. You will be able to select from different types of account in the future, based on increased functionality we offer in the future. These accounts may incur charges, but the essential Wine Owners functionality and content will always be available to everyone.

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No. In the interests of security and data protection, Wine Owners does not store credit card details. Your payment is taken by Worldpay, a global leader in payments processing.

Creating a cellar

You can create a new cellar by one of two ways. Either by clicking the "Add cellar" link in the toolbar, or in the Wine Wizard, once you have found the wine you want to add, you will be given the option to add it to an existing cellar or create a new one.

You can edit personal details, and amend cellar details that you have created yourself within preferences. Cellars that are automatically updated by Wine Owners from professional storage locations or that are managed by a wine merchant cannot be edited directly. Please contact us in this case with a request to edit a cellar name.

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The free plan allows you to have 2 cellars. Premium members will be able to add multiple cellars.

Adding wines

There are three methods of adding wine to your cellar:

  • Use our Add wine Wizard. (Use the add wine link from the manage menu)
  • Buy wine on the Wine Owners exchange
  • Contact us to send your wine list in electronic format ( Excel or MAC Numbers file) and we do the hard work. (subject to relevant subscription package)

Depending on the professional storage facility you use, Wine Owners can create an automatic update feed to you your collection, such that when you buy or sell wines from that facility, this will automatically be reflected in your Wine Owners portfolio.

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Although we have over 5,000 top wine names in our database (75,000 including available vintages), you may well own wines that are not yet in our database. In this case, you can add wines yourself, checking the box to indicate to us that we don?t yet have it in our database.

That is when you choose our filter option that enables you to select by several different parameters such as vintage, region, colour, wine type, price range, score range.

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Although we will not automatically collect price history on new wines added that are not in our referential database, a current value will be appended within 7 days, and it will valued as part of your portfolio from that moment.

Bulk upload is not yet available. However, we will happily upload your wine list for you. Request a csv file or an spreadsheet from your storage company and email it to our team.

Portfolio analysis

Portfolio is a consolidated, summary view of all your cellars and their key breakdowns. If you have only one cellar it comprises a breakdown of all the wines in that cellar by key parameters.

When you are in your portfolio, you click the Graph Icon in the far right column of the grid, to bring up the historical price graph of that wine. From here you can add other wines or indices to compare performance.


Your wines are stored at Vinotheque or Locke-King, both historic locations specifically selected for the storage of fine wine, offering constant ideal temperatures and humidity.

A Certificate of Title will be available online, encompassing the wine description, bottle size, pack size, your name, and the rotation number.

Every pack of wine has a rotation number that identifies it uniquely. In that way, every case of wine you store will have your name on the pack and your name on the Certificate of Title.

Costs include all risks insurance taken out by the warehouse keeper at replacement value whilst in the warehouse. There are insurance limits for wine in transit of £200,000 per van. Please contact us if you would like insurer details, or for enquiries about handling high value shipments.

Photography of original wooden cases is as follows:

  • a photograph of the outside of the box, end-on, showing any rotation number labelling and other paperwork adhered to the case.
  • a photograph of the wines lying inside the case, after the top panels of the case have been removed.
  • where wines are wrapped in tissue paper, this is left on.
  • a photograph of the wines backlit so as to clearly identify the fill levels
    • front
    • back (where there may be strip labels)

Wine passport

The Wine Passport ™ is a virtual set of documents to allow you to prove the provenance and condition of your wine. Provenance increasingly justifies the best prices for the best stock, or facilitates the quickest trade.

From within the individual wine record, click the Wine Passport ™ ™tab. Scroll down to the section titled Inspection Photos and click the icon in the top right corner of this box. This will bring up a pop-up window allowing you to locate the photographs on your computer and upload them to your Wine Passport ™.

From within the individual wine record, click the Wine Passport ™ ™tab. Scroll down to the section entitled Provenance Documentation and click the icon in the top right corner of this box. This will bring up a pop-up window allowing you to locate the documents on your computer and upload them to your Wine Passport ™.