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Your Privacy is assured, and is controlled by you.

No one can ever associate a wine to you, nor can anyone associate a wine with another wine other than in their own cellars.

Your Account is protected by secure cryptographic methods. These are widely recognised as offering a thoroughly secure means of data communication and are the technical protocols in wide use by banks, governments, and other highly secure users of the Internet.

Penetration testing is thoroughly conducted by a competent 3rd party on a periodic basis to mitigate the risk of Site attacks by hackers, and a report is produced after each round of such testing.

Activity Emails

Acivity emails trigger to register logins of your account, and other events such as wines being placed for sale or withdrawals from your portfolio.


Your security settings within preferences allow you to control certain aspects of security, such as an optional SMS message for logins to your account.

You will select the currency of your account to denominate collection management activities only at first registration. This will be the default currency of your account for the duration of its use.

White Listing and SMS

Please White List Wine Owners with your email provider to ensure important emails successfully get into your Inbox. If in doubt please activate your SMS options. This will ensure text messages registering account activity are sent to your mobile phone. It allows you to monitor your account even when you are not near a computer or able to pick up emails, such as when abroad if data roaming is disabled.


When you trade as a buyer or seller In respect of cash held in your client account or proceeds from sales, there is a failsafe security measure - the restriction on the Destination of Withdrawals from your account.

We only allow money that might be raised on your Wine Owners account through the sale of fine wines to be returned to the bank account you nominated as your primary bank account, and which may have funded your account for purchases. We never allow cash to be remitted to any other destination.

We recommend secure professional storage for your fine wine collection. See Wine Passport to learn more.