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What do we do?

Wine Owners is an online wine collection management platform and trading community for people who love and collect fine wine.

Designed and built entirely in-house, the wine cellar management platform was released at the end of 2012, with the integrated fine wine exchange for consumers to buy and sell fine wine following shortly afterwards in 2013.

Wine Owners brings together everything to organise and track a fine wine collection; a database of more than 250,000 fine wines with a wealth of supporting information; pricing for current market valuations and 10-year price history; along with direct access to a thriving fine wine marketplace that makes it simple and cost-effective to sell your own wine yourself.

In short, everything a wine lover will ever need to collect and trade wine.

Who's it for?

Everyone interested in building and managing a fine wine collection or wine cellar.

Our members are time-poor, successful people who are passionate about wine collecting, but have previously lacked the means to effectively organise their wines and keep track of them.

Furthermore, researching the Internet for key wine information to act upon requires an investment in time many can ill afford.

And whilst there’s a wealth of pricing data online, making sense of it all and identifying the point of market liquidity at which wines will sell and represent a good deal for the counterparties is far from easy.

Talking of which, when it comes to wanting to sell wine, achieving the best results means it’s important to sell when the time is right, not when it’s convenient for you to carve out a long weekend pulling together spreadsheets and searching the inbox to compile lists for merchants, brokers or wine auctions.

By wine collectors for wine collectors

Co-founder Nick Martin's personal experience of trying to manage his cellar, buy well and sell out of his wine collection exemplified these challenges.

He found it hard to keep an up-to-date record of wines that were stored across many storage accounts and different locations. The risk of losing track of wine became apparent when one or two suppliers forgot to deliver or to notify him of his purchases’ arrival.

Naturally, he wanted to keep track of his wines’ development and learn more about them; what experts thought of them and his own tasting notes; understand when they were coming into, or going out of, their drinking windows; what they were worth over time.

He found the process of valuation was desperately time-consuming. Sales channels he wanted to use were often not prepared to list all his wines. Typically these were the cheaper wines often sold to him that were linked to the top wines he really wanted. He hadn’t wanted those wines in the first place and had nowhere to go to sell them except at a significant loss through auction.

Getting paid wasn’t as fast as he had expected it to be either. He often had to wait weeks or months before receiving payment, as brokers wouldn’t pay him before the money had come in from their buyers.

He was determined to do something about it. Wine Owners was born, a ‘one-stop shop’ for wine lovers and collectors.

Key facts

These days, Wine Owners’ best-in-class wine cellar management solution is used by 15,000 members in 19 countries, tracking and managing well in excess of £500,000,000 of wine.

Wine Owners has become an authority on wine valuation and provides information, market transparency and direct market access to its thousands of members.

Easy to use, informative if not essential, Wine Owners gives you complete control of your wine collection.

How it works