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Buy wine

Buy wine

How to buy wine using Buy Now option

If there is a wine you would like to buy and it's already for sale on the fine wine exchange, you can buy that wine by clicking Buy Now.

When you click the Buy Now button, you will go to the buy detail (ticket) page, where you'll be able to specify all your purchase and delivery preferences.

Introduction to wine trading(2m 13s)

Select a pre-settlement inspection report

Select a pre-settlement inspection report

When you choose to buy now you will have the option to request a pre-settlement inspection report, in order to verify that the condition of the wine is pristine or as described on the exchange. Usually this is selected for more expensive wines.

Inspection takes place once you have paid into you Wine Owners client account but before the payment is transferred to the seller. During this period of about 5-7 working days payment is held securely in your member (client) account by us.

If the inspection photos are not as expected, you can cancel the trade at no cost: all your fees are refunded and your remittance is returned to you unless you want to keep your Wine Owners funded for an imminent purchase.


Place a Bid

Place a Bid

If there is a wine you would like to buy but you would have expected to pay less than the offer for sale price, you can place a bid at a price that is less than the offer price. You can specify an expiry date when creating an open bid.

Once placed, if the bid is matched by a seller, a transaction will automatically occur. All bids are binding, so please do not place a bid for a wine unless you intend to honour a subsequent transaction.

Match your wine to an open bid

Open Bid

Once your bid is created, it’s called an open bid. You can create, amend and remove a bid for any wine listed in our referential database of more than 400,000 fine wines.

Match your wine to an open bid

Matched Bid

If you are bidding on a wine, offers for sale automatically match to exactly corresponding bids (price, bottle size, case size, number of cases, duty status and the country in which the wine is stored that must correspond to your specified default delivery preference (or option for you to organise collection) and trigger a transaction.

This means pre-filling your bid and buy preferences is mandatory if you want to place a new bid on the exchange. Once completed, your bids are binding. You will be able to define your bid preferences so that your chosen parameters are defaulted when you place a bid. Your invoice relating to a transaction will contain inspection and delivery defaults that reflect your bid and buy preferences.



When you buy fine wine from a private seller they are anonymous. You cannot see their personal details. The seller can’t see your details either. The privacy of buyers is protected.

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