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Sell wine

Sell wine

Once you’ve catalogued your wines into your Wine Owners account, it’s a very simple process to offer some or more of your wines for sale.

Introduction to selling or buying (0m 54s)

Decide on the correct selling price of a wine

Market Pricing

Sell with peace of mind: every wine that’s eligible to sell has our estimate of current market value, recent traded prices and offers from other trusted market sources.

Never has the fine wine market been so transparent. Determine what price to offer your wine for sale in order to be competitive and to attract buyers’ interest and sell successfully.

Pricing graphs (1m 10s)

Not sure? Our team of experts are on hand to help. Contact us and we’ll advise on an effective selling strategy to fit your circumstances.

Inspection photos for old or high-value wines

Wine stored at home

Sellers who offer their wines for sale from their current storage accounts (not with Wine Owners) will be asked for condition photos on all wines worth £1,000 or more. If that’s not possible Wine Owners will procure condition photos (£10.50) for the seller once the wine arrives in one of our storage accounts following a transaction.

Match wine to best bids

Match wine to best bids

When there is an interested bidder on the fine wine exchange for your wine, and you’re prepared to sell at the level of their bid price, simply "offer to match" your wine to their bid.

Offers automatically match to exactly corresponding bids (bottle size, case size, number of cases, duty status and the country in which the wine is stored that must correspond to the bidders' default delivery preference) and trigger a transaction.

Sell wine in storage or wine stored at home


You can sell all your wine on the fine wine exchange, whether professionally stored in a bonded warehouse or at home in a wine cellar.

How to sell professionally stored wine

How to sell wine stored at home or in wine self-storage

Safe wine trading

Safe wine trading

Wine Owners assured processes protects sellers and buyers alike. When a wine is traded, the buyer must fund their client account before we ask you to move your wine to one of our storage accounts.



Wine Owners takes care of payments, transfers and logistics. We receive payments from buyers and hold their funds safe, can organise inspection reports, transfers, deliveries and collection requests.

With many thousands of trades and happy buyers and sellers, we take pride in making each transaction as fuss free as possible.

"I considered multiple options for selling my wine stored at home, having used a variety of services in the past. I decided to give Wine Owners a chance and am so impressed by the prices achieved and their service, that I intend to use them for selling the remainder.

Their commissions are amazingly low when you consider the alternatives, not to mention the time they spend organising the packing, photography and delivery out. They recharge extras such as cardboard packaging and delivery at cost which is very fair and opened my eyes to the costs of properly preparing wine for sale.

A hassle free method of selling wine that gave me more of the net sales proceeds than any other option, and it felt like I was in control."

Keith P.

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