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Sell wine directly to people like you

You can now sell wine peer to peer with a community of wine lovers and collectors, through a fine wine exchange that guarantees the best deal for everyone.

Low, low commissions

Low, low commissions

We help you to retain a high proportion of your wine sales proceeds thanks to very low sales commissions of no more than 6.5% + VAT. Our buyer’s premium is just 2.5%.

Low commissions help wine sellers as well as wine buyers, which means there’s plenty of demand for your wines offered for sale at a fair market price.

See commission rates

You’re in control

You’re in control

You can select the price at which you want to sell your wine. You can adjust your sales price, respond to bids or accept best bids for your wine any time of the day or night.

Market pricing guidance

Market pricing guidance

Wine Owners provides up to date market prices on more than 385,000 fine wines with 10 year pricing history. We update prices weekly so you can decide the right selling price for your wine.

Need some help to value your wine? Our team of experts is here to help!

Contact us for a valuation

Safe selling

Safe selling

Wine Owners’ assured processes protect sellers and buyers alike. When a wine is traded, the buyer must first fund their client account before we ask you to transfer your wine into our control.

Complete wine selling service

Precious time

Wine Owners allows you to list every wine you want to sell. Even those wines you had to buy to get an allocation of the wines you really wanted. Resell any wine!

Sell in bond or duty paid wines

Sell in bond or duty paid wines

You can sell wine in bond or tax paid, with many wine lovers as well as consumers and trade buyers in other countries as interested in duty paid offers as in bond wine stock.

Get paid quickly post settlement

Get paid quickly post settlement

As soon as we receive buyer funds and can organise transfer of the wine, we pay you straight away. We don't hold funds a moment longer than is necessary.

"I have put all my stored wines onto Wine Owners and have sold 50 cases with a profit margin of more than 50%. It’s been a very good experience; I did not know how much my wines were worth and was exhilarated to see the value of what I had amassed"

Per J.

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