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The Wine Owners 150 (WO 150) comprises Investment Grade Wines across the top 40 performers of the last 10 years. The goal of the WO 150 is to provide a stable and reliable index for comparison periods over extended periods of time. Because the wine performance is made up of many sub-markets, some of which have risen strongly whilst Bordeaux continues to fall acting as a significant counterweight given its significant representation. The WO 150 reflects a classic portfolio of blue chip wines.


Within the WO 150 index, top performers over the last 3 months seem to reflect a very broad-based group of wines:

  Worst performers  

Unsurprisingly Bordeaux dominates at the bottom end of performance, where the first quarter of 2014 has seen some quite sharp falls. Interestingly Monfortino 2002 finds its way into this company, in sharp contrast with Northern Italy generally and other vintages from this top micro-cuveé Barolo. Seemingly the market will price in the perceived quality of a vintage, irrespective of how dramatically a specific wine outperforms.

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