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All the tools you need to manage your wine collection.

Sell your wines yourself and buy from people like you.

Introduction to Wine Trading

Introduction to Wine Trading

Introduction to Wine Trading (2m 13s)

"Most cellar management software out there just isn’t up to it, isn’t comprehensive enough or is just plain clunky and hard to use.

Finding Wine Owners has been a revelation. It was clearly developed with the busy private fine wine buyer and collector in mind. It has completely nailed it in terms of ease of use, functionality, interesting features (such as ratings, market history and market trends), and the ability to take a proper overview of your collection, its value and drinkability, however many locations it may be in. It is so easy to review and manage your cellar it becomes a pleasure not a chore.

On top of that there is also an excellent, secure and reasonably priced trading platform, so you can buy and sell based on current market trading information and get paid in days rather than the weeks or months most brokers take."

Alex H.T.

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