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Once one of the northern Rhône’s under-performers, Delas is now a serious player among the top Rhône négociants. While the extensive spread of wines from the northern appellations is particularly impressive, the south of the regions is also well represented. The range is comprehensive and even the humbler wines are now sound and well-crafted. Far better fruit quality and well-handled new oak in the better wines are just two of the keys here to the transformation in fortune and quality. Star turns are the top cuvées, which are densely textured and explosively rich and concentrated. The outstanding Hermitage Les Bessards and Côte-Rôtie La Landonne are remarkably ageworthy propositions now, demanding at least 6–7 years’ cellaring. The other top reds and white Hermitage also deserve cellaring. (DM)

Producer profile

Wines Vineyard Holdings:
  • Condrieu :
  • Clos Boucher : 6500 to 7000 bottles /year
  • La Galopine : 13 000 bottles /year
  • Cornas : 96 ha
  • Chante Perdrix : (15 000 bottles/year)
  • Côte-Rôtie : 191 ha
  • La Landonne : (2500 bottles/year)
  • Seigneur de Maugiron : (15 000 bottles/year)
  • Crozes-Hermitage : 1,29 ha
  • Les Launes White : (20 000 bottles/year)
  • Le Clos Red : (7000 bottles/year)
  • Les Launes Red : (100 000 bottles/year)
  • Tour d’Albon : (25 000 bottles/year)
  • Hermitage :134 ha
  • Marquise de la Tourette White : (10 000 bottles/year)
  • Les Bessards Red : (6000 bottles/year)
  • Marquise de la Tourette Red : (30 000 bottles/year)
  • Saint-Joseph White : 961 ha
  • Les Challeys : (15 000 bottles/year)
  • Sainte-Epine : (30 000 bottles/year)
  • Saint-Joseph Red : 1005 ha
  • François de Tournon : (20 000 bottles/year)
  • Les Challeys Red : (65 000 bottles/year)
  • Sainte-Epine : (4000 bottles/year)

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2 Allée de L'Olivet, Saint-Jean-de-Muzols, Rhone Valley, France
Type Wine
Delas Freres Bessards Hermitage
Delas Freres Sainte-Epine Saint Joseph
Delas Freres Tour d'Albon Crozes Hermitage
Delas Freres Launes Crozes Hermitage
Delas Freres Launes Blanc Crozes Hermitage
Delas Freres La Landonne Cote Rotie
Delas Freres Le Clos Crozes Hermitage
Delas Freres Les Chaileys Blanc Saint Joseph
Delas Freres Les Challeys Saint Joseph
Delas Freres Domaine des Genets Vacqueyras
Delas Freres Blanc Chateauneuf du Pape
Delas Freres Condrieu La Galopine
Delas Freres Cote Rotie Seigneur de Maugiron
Delas Freres Cornas Chante Perdrix
Delas Freres Condrieu Clos Boucher
Delas Freres Saint-Joseph Francois de Tournon
Delas Freres Chateauneuf-du-Pape Haute Pierre
Delas Freres Cotes du Rhone Saint-Esprit
Delas Freres Domaine des Grands Chemins Crozes-Hermitage
Delas Freres Hermitage Domaine des Tourettes-Marquise de la Tourette
Type Wine
Delas Freres Bessards Hermitage - 2011
6x75cl - 7 case(s)
Delas Freres Bessards Hermitage - 1996
6x75cl - 1 case(s)
Delas Freres Cote Rotie Seigneur de Maugiron - 2009
3x150cl - 1 case(s)
Delas Freres La Landonne Cote Rotie - 2012
6x75cl - 1 case(s)
Type Wine
Type Wine
Delas Freres Bessards Hermitage - 1996
Delas Freres Bessards Hermitage - 2009
Delas Freres Bessards Hermitage - 2010
Delas Freres Bessards Hermitage - 2015
Delas Freres La Landonne Cote Rotie - 2017
Delas Freres Bessards Hermitage - 1999
Delas Freres Bessards Hermitage - 2011
Delas Freres Bessards Hermitage - 2012
Delas Freres Bessards Hermitage - 2017
Delas Freres La Landonne Cote Rotie - 1999
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