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This is an impressively deep, structured and powerful example of Pomerol. Like L’ÉGLISE-CLINET, it is markedly different from many of its supple, rounded, softly structured contemporaries. Owned since 1990 by the Rothschilds, the wine is traditionally vinified and possesses sturdy, dense, firm tannin when young, along with formidably concentrated levels of complex, dark, spicy fruit. There is oak evident here but its very harmoniously integrated. It has been remarkably good in the best years of the last decade or so of the 20th century; 1990 was of legendary quality – super ★★★★★ – and the wines of the first decade of the 21st century, with perhaps the exception of 2003 and 2007 are also very impressive.

Producer profile

Château L’Evangile
Estate Information
Area under vines: 22 hectares
Production: 36 000 bottles per year
Soils: Clay and Limestone, Iron Dross 
Ageing: in 70% new oak barrels for 18 months
Planting density : 6 000 feet per hectares
Grape varieties:

  • Cabernet Franc 20%
  • Merlot 80%

Wines from this château:

  • Château l’Evangile Pomerol
  • Blason de l'Evangile
    Learn more about Château l’Evangile: here

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Chateau L'Évangile, 2 chemin Vieux Maillet, Pomerol, France
Type Wine
Chateau l'Evangile Pomerol
Type Wine
Chateau l'Evangile Pomerol - 2001
5x75cl - 1 case(s)
Chateau l'Evangile Pomerol - 2005
12x75cl - 1 case(s)
Chateau l'Evangile Pomerol - 2009
3x75cl - 1 case(s)
Type Wine
Type Wine
Chateau l'Evangile Pomerol - 1950
Chateau l'Evangile Pomerol - 2000
Chateau l'Evangile Pomerol - 1955
Chateau l'Evangile Pomerol - 1975
Chateau l'Evangile Pomerol - 2005
Chateau l'Evangile Pomerol - 2010
Chateau l'Evangile Pomerol - 2018
Chateau l'Evangile Pomerol - 1990
Chateau l'Evangile Pomerol - 1998
Chateau l'Evangile Pomerol - 2009
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