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REPORT: Fine wine predictions 2016

What does 2016 hold?

Stock market gyrations and the continuing volatile global outlook has further served to underline the relative stability to be found in passion-inspired collectible markets, of which wine is the most widely held.

The majority of collections are built on a foundation of passion or interest. Passion begets knowledge and knowledge gives wine lovers and collectors the level of confidence to build out their collections. The universe of wine collectors continues to broaden as more of the world’s population becomes wealthier.

Bordeaux is off its cyclical lows and has gathered momentum over the last year. Thankfully we are not seeing the unsustainable rises caused by Chinese speculation and 'graft' in the run up to 2011, rather solid year on year growth.

Fine wine markets that are driven by scarcity, in both the Old and New Worlds, continue to post double-digit yearly gains, and there's little sign of abatement except for the absolute zenith of those markets.