Super Sass and Top Tig!

by Juliette Martin


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By Miles Davis

Our Super Tuscan 80 index is up 8.4% over the last year and has proved to be a lovely warm place to be over the last five years, +67%. Before that it was largely flat as the graph below demonstrates. This is yet further evidence of how the wine market has broadened out as consumers and investors become more savvy.

Wine Owners

In the last few years Sassicaia and Tignanello have been bomb proof. As discussed in our report at the beginning of 2020, they are brands that just ‘work’; they have a huge following in the U.S. and just about everywhere these days, the wines are investable, collectible and downright drinkable. They appear on a lot of restaurant wine lists too. Immediately recognisable, not too cheap (importantly) and not too expensive, they are very high scoring and offer sumptuous early drinking pleasure but can mature magnificently also. Masseto too, ‘the Petrus’ of Italy, being 100% Merlot, has performed brilliantly, the 2015 and ’16 both up c.20% over the last year despite its £500+ a bottle price.

Wine Owners

Ornellaia, Solaia and Guado al Tasso have been no slouches either, but the crown currently belongs to the aforementioned Sass and Tig, as they are known to their friends!

Wine Owners

These names are the royalty of the Super Tuscan landscape, but some attention needs to be turned to the likes of Cepparello, Galatrona, Grattamacco, Redigaffi, Testamatta, and Tua Rita, amongst others… to be continued….

As always, please feel free to call to discuss.

Miles Davis, 07798 732 543

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