JANCIS ROBINSON - The 'miracle' en primeur campaign

by CloMlr


How the pandemic first threatened then saved Bordeaux's 2019s.

Mathieu Chadronnier runs CVBG, one of the most important Bordeaux wine merchants. He measures his words carefully, often with long pauses before his answers. He is not given to hyperbole. But when I asked him at the end of last month how he felt this year’s en primeur campaign had gone he said immediately, ‘It’s a miracle! Honestly, we are so fortunate in this worldwide recession to be in the fine-wine business and to have had such a successful campaign. We should all appreciate this because we are the lucky ones.’

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Tags: Bdx19, Bordeaux, Bordeaux 2019, Bordeaux en primeur, en primeur, en primeurs 2019, Jancis Robison,

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