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Why are we releasing a new responsive website?

Our new is a responsive website, which means it automatically adjusts according to the screen size and resolution of the device you are using.

More and more we use multiple devices that come in diverse shapes and sizes. The new Wine Owners mobile website allows you to access Wine Owners from almost any device, wherever you are. 

The screen including the menus  adapt to the screen size you are using. On a smart phone for example, the top navigation looks like and behaves similarly to an App.

The advantages of a responsive website over a downloadable App are that you have access to all the functionality of the entire site without compromising any features or activities; there’s no need to download periodic updates, and your site preferences persist across any devices you may use to access our website.

New functionality

As well as the new interface designed for mobile use, we have also added a number of new functions in this release:

Trading exchange

  • Trading desk, an improved way of  searching and navigating the fine wine exchange
  • New trading exchange interface
  • New market detail page, including trade history and individual merchant prices to compare against Wine Owners’ Market Level price
  • My Market Position panel, showing all your offers, bids, pending trades and order history with links to the detail lists
  • Upgraded auditing of past and pending trades, including copy invoices
  • Most searched for wines

Portfolio Management

  • New search
  • New advanced search 
  • Mixed casing function
  • Mixed rack and wine bin function
  • More options and short cuts in My Wines
  • New pricing graphs
  • New pricing comparisons 
  • Overview per cellar as well as for the overall portfolio
  • Additional download options
  • Trading and price panel in portfolio management for better integration with the trading exchange and market data
  • Members’ stock levels
  • New Discover Wine section
  • Improved delete and consume options
  • Price per points analysis, to pinpoint optimal quality and value buys
  • Switch vintages of a selected wine

User experience

  • New on screen notifications
  • New on screen signposting
  • New tutorial sections on key information pages
  • New take the tour page
  • Video tutorials
  • Social media sharing
  • Improved preferences section and preference handling
  • New iconography for easy one-click access to key pages
  • New subscription options from free access to advanced premium features