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Professional Portfolio Management (PPM) is a new service offered by Wine Owners.

The overriding ambition for Wine Owners PPM is to deliver consistent capital appreciation through an outstanding collection of investment grade wines. To achieve this, we will follow an investment strategy designed for each individual account following a predetermined set of guidelines and investment parameters.

For newcomers to the wine market we will build a portfolio or collection. For those with an existing collection we provide a structured approach to portfolio management designed to complement existing primary market allocations and holdings. Clients can decide to leave PPM to continue managing the collection for as long as they like, sell it or take delivery of the holdings as they choose and each account can be tailored to the client’s preferences. The wines will be held in each client’s name and their accounts and the holdings therein are visible on line at all times, with real time valuations.

Our combination of unrivalled experience and strong reputation, coupled with unique market access and transparency, all underpinned by low trading costs, places us in a position to meet your wine collecting and investing aspirations successfully.

Miles Davis

Miles Davis - Professional Portfolio Management - Wine Owners

Miles manages our Professional Portfolio Management service.

Miles set up his first wine club with friends in his early twenties and started collecting wine soon thereafter. Whilst working in finance (Hoare Govett, Bear Stearns and others) he discovered that he was better at picking wines than stocks and made more money from wine than regular investments. In 2005 he co-founded FCA regulated Wine Asset Managers LLP and managed two professional, open ended wine investment funds, one for private clients and one for institutional investors. The funds peaked with just under £25million under management in 2011 and were successfully and discreetly wound down in 2016, following a period of pressure from institutional clients wanting to redeem their holdings and a change in the regulatory environment.

Miles brings a wealth of experience to Wine Owners, has a great track record and is well established in the industry. Although not gifted in the tech department he has embraced it fully by joining Wine Owners! He helped Wine Owners with a capital raise in 2017 and became a shareholder at that time. Like most wine collectors, his journey started with Bordeaux before moving on to Burgundy and Champagne. His current favourite region is Piedmont having visited several times and maintains a watchful eye on all other new opportunities.

Please contact Miles directly if you have any questions or would like to learn more.