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One of the most expensive wines in the world, it used to be the most expensive by a long way but has been challenged in recent years not only by near neighbours but also by limited-production special cuvées in California. Much depends on the vagaries of the international auction markets. There is no doubt, though, that Pétrus is one of Bordeaux’s truly great reds. A very high proportion of Merlot (95%), with the balance Cabernet Franc, is planted in vineyards that sit upon a plateau of remarkably well-drained clay soils and provide a unique terroir. Extraordinary care is taken in both the vineyard and cellars in producing a wine that is immensely rich and concentrated with a bewildering array of dark fruits, oriental spices and seamlessly integrated oak, all supported by very fine supple tannins. It is consistently great and perhaps only struggles very slightly in lesser years, but then so does every other property in the region.

Producer profile

Area under vines: 11,5 hectares
Soils: black clay
Average age of the vines: more than 35 years
Production:  30 000 bottles a year
Ageing: 2 years in 100% new oak barrels

Grape varieties:

  • Merlot 95%
  • Cabernet Franc 5%

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    Petrus, Route de Lussac, Pomerol, Gironde, France
    Type Wine
    Petrus Pomerol
    Type Wine
    Petrus Pomerol - 1996
    6x75cl - 1 case(s)
    Petrus Pomerol - 1986
    12x75cl - 1 case(s)
    Petrus Pomerol - 2013
    1x150cl - 1 case(s)
    Petrus Pomerol - 2014
    1x75cl - 1 case(s)
    Petrus Pomerol - 2017
    2x75cl - 1 case(s)
    Petrus Pomerol - 2015
    1x300cl - 2 case(s)
    Type Wine
    Type Wine
    Petrus Pomerol - 2016
    Petrus Pomerol - 1928
    Petrus Pomerol - 2009
    Petrus Pomerol - 2010
    Petrus Pomerol - 2015
    Petrus Pomerol - 2018
    Petrus Pomerol - 1929
    Petrus Pomerol - 1950
    Petrus Pomerol - 1989
    Petrus Pomerol - 1998
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