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Until 2014 Michel Rolland had provided consultancy input at this property for many years, first to the late Jean-Michel Arcaute, then to Jean-Louis Laborde and finally to his son, Ronan. The style has remained consistent throughout the period. Ripe to very ripe, full, rich and almost opulent with a supple silky texture, the wine had always been bottled with neither fining nor filtration and was aged in 100% new oak until 2004 when policy was changed to ageing in only 60% new oak which has resulted in the wines being more approachable earlier. Ronan is now the driving force of the estate and apart from purchasing new vineyards to add to the size of the estate, now approaching 12 hectares, the old wooden vats used for vinification have now been replaced (since the 2014 vintage) with state-of-the-art, temperature controlled stainless steel vats to allow for greater control of the development of the wines. Since 2009, the wines have been continuously improving in quality and now rank amongst the best in Pomerol. Prices are very reasonable for the quality, but they do vary depending on the vintage. (NB)

Producer profile

Area under vines: 11,3 hectares
Soils: clayey-gravels
Average age of the vines: 40 years
Production: 45 000 bottles a year
Ageing: in 60% new oak
Grape varieties:

  • Merlot 90%
  • Cabernet Sauvignon 9%
  • Cabernet Franc 1%
Second wine: Fleur de Clinet

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Chemin De Feytit, Pomerol, France
Type Wine
Chateau Clinet Pomerol
Fleur de Clinet Pomerol
Ronan by Clinet Bordeaux Superieur
Type Wine
Chateau Clinet Pomerol - 2016
6x75cl - 1 case(s)
Chateau Clinet Pomerol - 1989
12x75cl - 1 case(s)
Fleur de Clinet Pomerol - 2009
6x75cl - 2 case(s)
Ronan by Clinet Bordeaux Superieur - 2011
12x75cl - 2 case(s)
Chateau Clinet Pomerol - 2010
12x75cl - 1 case(s)
Chateau Clinet Pomerol - 2017
6x75cl - 1 case(s)
Chateau Clinet Pomerol - 2005
12x75cl - 1 case(s)
Chateau Clinet Pomerol - 1995
6x75cl - 2 case(s)
Chateau Clinet Pomerol - 2011
12x75cl - 1 case(s)
Chateau Clinet Pomerol - 2012
6x75cl - 1 case(s)
Type Wine
Type Wine
Chateau Clinet Pomerol - 1947
Chateau Clinet Pomerol - 2009
Chateau Clinet Pomerol - 2015
Chateau Clinet Pomerol - 2016
Chateau Clinet Pomerol - 2020
Chateau Clinet Pomerol - 1988
Chateau Clinet Pomerol - 1989
Chateau Clinet Pomerol - 1990
Chateau Clinet Pomerol - 2010
Chateau Clinet Pomerol - 2019
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