Why buy Duty Paid wine from other people like you?

by The Wine Owners team



You may have noticed that we have hundreds of wines listed for sale DP on the exchange. Here are some of the most common questions we receive around buying Duty Paid (DP) wine on the secondary market from other people like you. 

What does Duty Paid mean and what is the benefit of buying DP wine from the secondary market?

Merchants or brokers selling wine on behalf of clients must apply 20% VAT on every sale, regardless of whether or not the wine has already had VAT and Duty paid by the previous owner.

This does not apply to private individuals (other collectors like you) who sell via the trading exchange. The only VAT applicable on Duty Paid wine purchases is on our commission and the delivery charge.

Buyers and sellers both benefit from this setup, with more of the sale proceeds pocketed by a seller and 20%+ lower all-in purchase prices for the buyer. By connecting private sellers to private buyers, everyone wins.

All Duty Paid wines offered for sale are held in professional warehouses, so inspections can be carried out if required and the majority have either been stored professionally since first purchased, or come from good quality home cellars of impassioned collectors. Remember, if you request an inspection report and you don’t like the inspection photos we send to you, we cancel the trade and refund your inspection fee.

How to buy Duty Paid on the Wine Owners peer-to-peer trading exchange?

To see hundreds of Duty Paid offers, click the orange “Duty Paid” button shown below on the Fine Wine Exchange.

As ever, if you have any questions, please get in touch with us and we'll be happy to help! 

Team WO 

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