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Posted on 2019-09-17

WO reveals a brand new trading exchange for fine wine to make it even easier for wine lovers and collectors to buy and sell fine wine online.  

It’s now even easier to buy fine wine stored in professional storage by collectors, with a brand new interface to make purchases or bidding more informed and easier than ever.

Collectors who wish to offer wine for sale will benefit from an enhanced price discovery process that makes selecting the best price very straightforward.

Wine Owners - wine trading for collectors

There are over 3,000 offers for sale on the Wine Owners trading exchange at any time. Transaction values average £1,400.

Wine Owners’ world-class collection management tools are used to organise, value and track £350,000,000 worth of wine. 

Our technology is used by warehouses, retailers, clubs and auction houses to track £1.25bn of wine inventories.

“With the market for self-directed brokerage and wine trading firmly established, we have responded with wholesale changes designed to make selling and buying wine in a marketplace format intuitive and well-informed,” explained Nick Martin, CEO.

“Collectors appreciate being in control of their offers for sale, with tools that enable them to accurately price their wines, and the means to be able to respond to market demand and amend or change the status of their offered wine for sale 24/7.

Buyers appreciate being able to buy professionally-stored wines directly from collectors with transparent provenance, at purchase prices that reflect the low commission rates applied. With fast-growing demand from private buyers for sourcing direct from collectors, we have responded by introducing a simpler, more visual and informative interface to meet the needs of the wine-loving community.”

Wine Owners - wine collection overview

Wine Owners contacts

Nick Martin is co-founder and CEO of Wine Owners, following a career in information management and technology marketing during which he worked for large brands such as Vodafone, BT, IBM, GEC and Disney to build their customer information databases and data-driven marketing capabilities.

Nick co-founded Wine Owners with ex-Shell technologist Wolter Visscher, who had previously formed his own software house operating in financial services, health services and publishing.

Nick Martin

Cellphone + (0)7828 170250

Clotilde Muller

Marketing Manager

Landline: + 44 (0)20 7278 4377

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