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Posted on 2019-06-11

Troplong Mondot is a star of St. Emilion, known for its superior terroir and a string of fantastic vintages. 2012 vintage in Bordeaux is sometimes referred to as a dark horse and I certainly remember an ‘in bottle’ tasting in 2015 outperforming expectations. In February 2106 Jancis wrote “In St-Émilion, Troplong Mondot was a clear favourite” and awarded 17points.

This is the cheapest Troplong vintage on the market and very strangely the same price as the 2013 – that makes no sense at all! The market price (see MPS chart) is almost half that of the ’09 and ’10 vintages and the relative value score is very attractive across all vintages (see RVS chart) .

"The 2012 is another truly great wine from Troplong Mondot. It’s always sentimental to taste this wine, realizing that proprietress Christine Valette (the larger-than-life heart and soul behind this estate) has passed away. She was one of the bright, shining stars of Bordeaux. Nevertheless, her legacy is certainly well-established, and the quality of this wine is beyond reproach. Inky bluish purple, its great notes of cassis, blackberry, licorice are followed by a full-bodied, opulently textured wine with stunning concentration, purity and overall balance. It should drink well for 20-25 years and turn out to be one of the great superstars of 2012. Their 63-acre vineyard was cropped at 31 hectoliters per hectare, producing a final blend of 90% Merlot and 10 Cabernet Sauvignon that achieved 14.2% alcohol." - 96 points Robert Parker himself.

To see the offer of bottles in six, 12 packs and magnums click here.

Troplong Mondot 2012 - Wine Owners - Relative value score

Troplong Mondot 2012 - Wine Owners - Market price versus score

Posted in: Fine wine analysis, on 2019-06-11.
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